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Landlords and Tenants

Whether you are looking to find the ideal tenant for your commercial property or if you are looking for a space for your existing or new business; it is imperative to use a Commercial Realtor that is familiar with leases and tenant relocation.

A knowledgeable Commercial Realtor with the right experience like me, can help both landlords and tenants. For landlords, I market your property to my vast database of businesses and investors. I ensure that your property attracts the perfect long term tenant for your space.

For tenants, I specialize in in negotiating the right terms and conditions, rates and incentives. You do not want to try to negotiate a lease without any representation.

If you are a landlord of a commercial property that wants to attract the right tenant or if you are interested in leasing a commercial space, be sure to call Rick Toor at 604-897-0260. You can also email me at